Friday, June 1, 2012

Kale, a Green leafy FAILURE.

I've seen numerous people posting online about this wonderful powerfood! KALE! A dark green, leafy vegetable plant that somewhat resembles an haywire breeding between lettuce and parsley.  It looks as fancy as those floral decorated bridesmaids gowns, in a gorgeous dark green with a blue tone.

Here I am, thinking this will be easy, delicious, simple to make healthy CHIPS!  Some research is done, I concoct an olive oil and spice mixture to toss it in for baking.  Thinking I am genius I aptly await my hopefully new favorite snack.

Out of the oven I pull it, after about 15 minutes at 375*.  It seems light. I eagerly shove one in my mouth....




What am I eating?!  The texture! It's like melt in my mouth POWDER.  What. The. Hell. This was not described to me!  Where were the warnings?!  However, what is more overpowering is the saltiness. I don't much like drowning in the Ocean, I've made it a point to swim and survive. But a flashback of childhood where you weren't so keen on keeping your mouth closed and you get lucky enough to have a wave splash in your gaping trap and you taste the disgusting salty water.  Kale is salty.  And I boldly added seasoning salt to it.

All in all a failure. Not often do I traipse upon disgusting foods, however I did it to myself. My tastebuds cried out in revulsion!  Never again!

And thus ends my encounter with a supposedly healthy vegetable.

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