Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wine Beef Marinade

Soooo, since I have a new spice rack I want to try making a better marinade!

Sauteed in olive oil:
Sliced Onion
Rosemary Powder
Bay Leaves (rubbed)
Garlic (fresh)
Lemon juice

Then after it was all smelling delicious and the onions and garlic were cooked... added some red wine. Let simmer for a bit...

I put it with my Blade roast, gonna marinade it all night. MMM.

First time curry!!

So I had a ton of veggies, and just bought a roast but it was too late at night to roast it. I decided I was feeling like some curry. But... I have NO FLIPPING CLUE how to make it!

I checked the internet for a simple recipe, and yay! it was easy!

2c Milk (I used goat, but coconut or other milk is fine)
half a sliced onion
s&p to taste
Olive oil
Red Pepper
Tofu (firm, in slices)
Cooked rice
1.5 tbsp Curry (Madhran Curry powder)
0.5 tbsp sugar

So I sautee the onion and curry powder in olive oil, then when they are getting cooked I add the 2c of milk, and simmer for 10mins stirring.

Sautee the veggies and tofu in oil and water, then add half the curry sauce and keep cooking until veggies are ready.
Pour over the rice with extra sauce if needed. MMMMMMmmm

It was DELICIOUS. Now I need to know where to alter this recipe... or what other curry dishes to make.