Monday, November 2, 2009

Sourdough Pizza Toast

Just... how... it.... sounds... DELICIOUS!!! Right? AM I RIGHT?

Take slices of sourdough bread (I'm using Vienna style, normal cut from COBS bakery/bread/aka the place that smells omggood)
Toast the slices, don't do it too dark..
Put on some pizza sauce, pepperoni slices, gr onions/white onion, mushrooms and cheddar and mozza shreds. Oh add some blue cheese too if you want. MMM!

Then toast/broil (what the hell the difference is... don't ask ME! as long as the cheese is melted and it's all heated up!) until well... you wanna eat it (I recommend LONGER than a couple seconds. I mean yeah, I wanna eat it too right away, but jeeze, give it time to cook eh)

ENJOY (haven't had it yet, will try in a few moments!)

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